iTalkTone Lab is not only an open-minded and creative psychological team, but also an international research community full of entrepreneur spirit. The community consists of academian, entrepreneurs, explorers and sponsors all over the world. iTalkTone pursues an approach of project management in scientific research. Any member here expresses ideas, explores funding resource and executes his/her project. You develop your research abilities as well as management skills in your career. We don’t admire workaholics culture, but respect working voluntarily at weekends.

Research is our privilege. Furthermore, social impact and knowledge transfer are two pillars in our lab. We have received incentive funding from Bournemouth University and worldwide industrial investors. As return, we always advocate to transfer our research into real world and promote psychology for our quality of life.

Founded in 2014, iTalkTone lab’s initial specialisms are language and social communication. At present, we work in four areas:

  1. EEG and prosody perception
  2. Audiovisual integration in language comprehension
  3. Politics and media communication
  4. Brain-computer interface application for healthcare

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