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EEG Journal Club:11th May

This is a reminder for our forthcoming EEG journal club. It will occur in Room P310, Poole House as usual at 1pm, 11th May. EEG journal club is hosted by EEG lab, Dept of Psychology, Bournemouth University.

This club mainly inspires research ideas and promotes cross-disciplinary conversation. Certainly it is very good for  anyone who is interested in EEG studies at his or her early stage.

This week¬†Dr Rachel Mosely will kindly offer a paper. She will lead this reading. Additionally, for her recommendation of this paper, she expresses “it is by some collaborators of mine and I am planning on extending the paradigm further, so I thought it’d be really helpful to get the EEG-JC’s take on it.”

So you are extremely to bring your question, comment and suggestion for this reading. I also copy this email to some faculty staff who have expressed EEG research interests before.

Look forward to seeing you soon.