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Native Chinese or English Speakers Needed

Earn   £8   for participating in a visual lexical perception experiment

iTalkTone Lab of Psychology department is looking for native Chinese (Mandarin speaker only )  or English participants with normal hearing and eyesight to take part in an 1-hour speech perception experiment. In this experiment you will be asked to complete four tasks of lexical tone identification. Tests are mainly computer-based and will be conducted in Room P103,Poole House at Bournemouth University Talbot Campus.

For further enquiries, please feel free to contact Dr Biao Zeng by E-mail: 


实验地点: Room P103, Poole House, Bournemouth University, Talbot Campus

如果您有兴趣参与试验,请通过以下电邮地址联系Dr Zeng安排实验时间,谢谢!


Chinese lip-reading

This is a small quiz to test your lip reading on Chinese language. If you are a native Chinese(Mandarin) speaker or have some experience of Chinese language, could you please tell which tone the speaker is pronouncing?  Chinese has four tones and you can merely give a number to be your answer, for example, 1 referring Tone 1(di yi sheng,第一声) or 2 referring Tone 2(di er sheng,第二声).

Please leave your answer in the reply column.