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CoPMRE 13th Annual Symposium: Digital Healthcare: shaping the future 12th October 2016

Research and Education (CoPMRE), Bournemouth University, is pleased to announce the confirmed programme for the Thirteenth Annual Symposium, Digital Healthcare: Shaping the future. This symposium is suitable for primary and secondary care doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, Trusts board members, academics and anyone with an interest in medical research and education.

This year’s conference will explore the escalating scale and pace of digital technology in healthcare and the benefits and challenges of transformative technologies to advance care, improve clinical outcomes and enhance the patient experience.

The conference is free to attend but please register in advance to confirm your place.

Talks include:

  • Why Digital Healthcare? The national context and strategy
    Cathy Francis (Director of patients and information, NHS England)
  • Digital Healthcare and the Challenge of Interoperability
    Theodoros N. Arvanitis (Professor of e-Health Innovation and Head of Research, Institute of Digital Healthcare (IDH) at WMG, University of Warwick)
  • Steps on the Dorset Digital Journey – The Dorset care record and beyond
    Andy Hadley (Head of IT Development, NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group)
  • Digital Clinical Pathways: harnessing the power of digital health service design
    Nuno Almeida (Founder and CEO, Nourish)
  • Using technology to deliver mental health at scale
    Claire Harding (Head of Impact and Research, Big White Wall)

The symposium agenda final-7812-copmre-annual-conference-a4-programme-19-09-16-v-2-7-1


The 1st UK-China HCI and Digital Health Forum Gallery

The 1st UK-China HCI and Digital Health Forum has been successfully closed 48 days before. We are still receiving some inquiries about the next plan, the presentation and even the photos. This is why we set up the gallery for all potential inquiries and interests.


It might be bit of late to express our gratitude  to all speakers, audience, volunteers, contributors and event partners now. However, we are highly likely to have a second chance to say in 2017. A potential forum is under planning at the moment. HCI will still be the theme. We are going to think about more broad applied areas and more business opportunities this time.


DSC_26499999999All documents, which are PDF files, are categorised into three themes: technologies, marketing and business cases. Especially, the business cases show an extremely booming EEG products market in China. It is very interesting the main force in this business is based in the city of Hangzhou, the hosting city for G20 2017 and the HQ of Alibaba.



  • Technologies
  1. eyetracking_smcdougall   2. telehealth_mfisk  3. ERP_xhe  4.qEEG_tsteffert
  • Marketing
  1. innovation_hli  2.southwesthealthcare_thickish  3.healthchina_amorley  4.agingcare_bzeng
  • Business cases
  1. magilit_mdjiang  2.enter_btong  3.talkingbrain_slin  4.histar

Special Offer in 1st UK-China HCI and Digital Health Forum

Regarding many enquires on registering our workshop, you need to visit the British HCI 2016 conference website and open the register webpage.

registerTo attend our forum(workshop) in Bournemouth University, you will tick the option of “Workshops (one day)” and pay the registration fee (the figure left).  The registration fee is £100 which includes a lunch and refreshment. Also it is a one-off payment, you can choose to attend any workshop on 12th July.

For our forum, we offer a special offer for your registration. More details please refer to our forum agenda HCI_digitalhealth_agenda_V6.

* The first 5 registrants, who must submit to the JediMind Competition or article by the deadline of midnight at 10th July, will received £50 discount for the registration fee.


Agenda of 1st HCI and Digital Health Forum: China and UK

For our workshop, we estimate that 15 people are likely to attend this workshop in Bournemouth University. The audience come from three areas: R&D, industry and investment. Meanwhile we h_87329122_sisters976ave a live streaming conference in China. All talks will be broadcasted mutually in Bournemouth and China. Our partners Newford Research Institute of Advanced Technology (NRIAT) and China-UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum are responsible for running China sessions in Wenzhou and Hangzhou, the city hosting G20 2016, respectively. We expect the number of online audience will reach to 100.

Download the forum agenda HCI_digitalhealth_agenda_V6