EEG Application in Alternative Communication

Invited by the Research Center of Informatisation in the city of Wenzhou, Dr Zeng used WeChat, an online communication app invented by Tencent, and organised an academic salon between BU and China on 22nd November. The salon attracted over 30 researchers globally to engage in the online event.22112015

The talk was titled as EEG Application in Alternative Communication and Neurofeedback Therapy. Dr Zeng attempted to forge the concept of “alternative communication” with such examples of sign language, whale sounds (pitch) and convert speech.  Also he briefly reviewed the history of EEG and introduced main principles and components in EEG studies. Furthermore he exemplified neurofeedback therapy with the cases of ADHD and epilepsy. Regarding EEG’s commercial potential, Dr Zeng summarised two business cases occurring in China.


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